Hi, here is my story I will try to make it short.
I have been riding horses all of my life since I was 3yrs. old. I graduated from Meredith Manor School of Horsemanship and at the top of my class. I have showed horses since  I was 10yrs.
I specialize in Western Pleasure and Western Riding, but I train the all-around horse. I'am a World Champion and I have coached youth and non-pro to National and World Championship titles. In 1991, I went to Europe and trained horses, non-pro and youth plus coached the Isreal team at the youth World Cup. I have won the European Championship in every breed Appaloosa, Paint, Quarter, even Arabians. I have Won at the European Championship in most every event from halter to trail, hunter hack, reining I train the all around horse...



I'm now accepting outside horses for training. I prepare horses for all disciplines and their riders.
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AIQH 2006
Italian Championship
15th European Championship of American Quarter Horse
EPHC 2005
European Paint Horse
NSBA 2006
American Quarter Horse
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